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We will tell you everything you need to know. From evaluating your property to making sure you have stunning pictures and presentation. We will build you amazing websites with fully functional booking pages all connected with a channel manager to the best Online Travel Agencies to maximize your exposure to potential guests. We will take care of all your payment processing needs and give you great support.

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Our Services

We offer professional evaluation on your property. We evaluate your pictures quality and staging, interior design, website, OTA's integration and pricing strategy in regards to your current status.

and advice

Professional Evaluation

Some exquisite taste and clever staging can really transform a space from dull to dazzling. Sometimes it can be only a few decorating accessories and some staging that can make a huge difference.

is all about details

Interior Design

Probably the most important aspect of your property's sales is your photos. It is imperative that you have professional photos of beautifully staged and decorated spaces. It is the way you look! And if you look good guests will book you.

will bring out your place

Stunning Photos

OTA's like Booking and Expedia are a must but your website is your gateway to direct bookings. This way you look more professional and in the future you will start earning more by not paying commissions.

you can't be without

Enticing Websites

Smartphone and tablet usage keeps increasing. Responsive Web Design makes your web page look good on all devices (desktops, tablets, and phones).

on all devices

Perfect Fit

Your guests will have access to everything they need to know on useful maps with info and distances from your property. You will save tons of time and effort on explaining where is the nearest beach and supermarket everybody wants to know.

your guests need them

Local Guides

A fully functional, beautiful booking page with availability, pricing and your payment and cancellation policies all in one place.

for direct bookings

Booking Page

Reliable connections to all the big channels. All of your information is synced, this way when a booking is made in a channel or even a cancellation, the inventory is adjusted to all the channels and your website. Overbookings are almost impossible.

is a must

Channel Management

We can take care of all your payment needs and save you the hassle. More payment methods means more bookings. Everyone has his favorite payment method!

the easy way

Payment Processing

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Feel free to ask questions about LODGIQO and what we can do to help you.

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